Number 3
Beneficiary name Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
CFR identification number -
Operation name The development, purchase and installation of the components to ensure data transmission
Operation summary

The development, purchase and installation of the components, including computer hardware and software, that are necessary to ensure data transmission from actors involved in fishing and the marketing of fishery products to the relevant Member State and Union authorities, including the necessary components for electronic recording and reporting systems (ERS), vessel monitoring systems (VMS) and automatic identification systems (AIS) used for control purposes.

Operation start date 08.12.2016
Operation end date 31.12.2023
Total eligible expenditure 90,000 €
Amount of Union contribution 81,000 €
Operation postcode 1000
Country Slovenia
Name of Union priority

3 - Fostering the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy 

Date of the last update of the list of operations 08.12.2016