Innovation and eco-innovation

The need for taking action in the area of innovations and support of skill development in the Republic of Slovenia is great. Within the framework of the OP EMFF 2014–2020, innovations in aquaculture will be encouraged, as the analysis has shown that research activities in the field of aquaculture have practically died down, and the research infrastructure is out of date. Consequently, a lack of modern knowledge and inadequate implementation of modern production technologies into practice have been identified in the aquaculture sector. Given the relatively small size of the research sphere, it would be wise to encourage international scientific-research co-operation and collaborative research projects. It is expedient to support, above all, applied research, where researchers could look for solutions to concrete problems of aquaculture stakeholders. Implementation of the measure will enhance research and development activities. That will in turn ensure positive structural changes (increase in added value, strengthening of competitiveness, increase in innovation), as well as the attainment of other important objectives, such as the reduction of negative impacts on the environment and sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

In commercial sea fishing it is sensible to promote innovative investments on fishing vessels that improve the quality of the fishery products, and other fishery innovations, as well as the exchange of good practices, particularly in small scale coastal fishing, predominantly in the Northern Adriatic. Due to small and limited scientific research capacities, encouraging fishery innovations is sensible mostly when it concerns participation of scientific research institutions of the Republic of Slovenia in joint projects on the level of the Adriatic and Ionian Region.

Investments in new processing techniques and technologies, including innovations in regards to food industry, will enable new and improved procedures, as well as new and improved management and organisation systems. The competitiveness of the Slovenian fisheries sector would therefore be enhanced in the development field or in introducing new or significantly improved products, procedures, techniques and management systems, as well as organisation systems in the processing industry.