Number 9
Beneficiary name Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
CFR identification number -
Operation name Communication activities
Operation summary

Activities to inform the public must be clearly and unambiguously relate to inform the public about the importance and implementation of OP EMFF 2014-2020 and be consistent with the requirements of Article 59 of Regulation 1303/2013 (EU).

Through the operation of communication activities will be carried out activities within the following projects:

  • project Publication in the Official Journal
  • project Construction ads and leasing of advertising space
  • project Brochures, pamphlets and manuals
  • project Layout and editing websites
  • project Design and printing materials with graphic design OP EMFF 2014-2020
  • project Presentation of OP and workshops
  • project Participation in fairs
Operation start date 22.07.2015
Operation end date 30.11.2023
Total eligible expenditure 89,772.28 €
Amount of Union contribution 67,329.21 €
Operation postcode 1000
Country Slovenia
Name of Union priority


Date of the last update of the list of operations 26.03.2020